Sketchnotes for educators

Sylvia Duckworth is a Canadian teacher whose sketchnotes have taken social media by storm.

Her drawings provide clarity and provoke dialogue on many topics related to education. This book contains 100 of her most popular sketchnotes with links to the original downloads that can be used in class or shared with colleagues. Interspersed throughout the book are Sylvia's reflections on each drawing and what motivated her to create them, in addition to commentary from other educators who inspired the sketchnotes.

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What the Author is Saying…

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“I am proud that this book contains so many inspirational sketchnotes for teachers that can be both downloaded and displayed! I hear that some are used as lesson plans to illustrate educational concepts and that is so gratifying to see!”

“My favorite part of this book is how it has become a cherished gift for educators. I love seeing the excitement around from teachers when they get it from a parent or administrator!”

What’s in the BOok?

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The Reviews are in…

Five Stars……”I keep Sylvia Duckworth’s sketchnotes around me as constant reminders of not only what I am supposed to do as a teacher but who I'm supposed to be. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a good sketchnote, like those in this book, are worth ten thousand. This book is a must buy for every teacher or person who wants to be inspired.”

—VICKI DAVIS, teacher and IT director, Camilla, Georgia, @coolcatteacher

Five Stars…..“Sylvia has the ability to find issues that touch the hearts and emotions of educators and summarize them beautifully in sketches that capture the essence of the message simply and powerfully. This book is the essential collection of Sylvia's work. If you need quick inspiration, flip to any page, and you'll find it.”

—MATT MILLER, author of Ditch That Textbook, @jmattmiller

Five Stars…..“In this collection, Sylvia has not only found a creative way to express the best and most inspiring ideas in our community, but she has found a way to validate and systematize a new language that will enable the conversation about education to reach an entirely new level.”

—ANGELA MAIERS, speaker, author, and founder of Choose2Matter, @angelamaiers,