Looking for ways to bring inquiry and personalized learning to your classroom, school, or district? This book focuses on bringing inquiry to the elementary school years. 

This book is written for educators who are seeking to bridge the gap between curriculum and student curiosities and wonders with an eye on nurturing the inquiry mindset!

Transform Your Teaching - Inquiry experts Trevor MacKenzie and Rebecca Bathurst-Hunt share the structures and frameworks they utilize in their classrooms each and every day

Empower Your Students - This book will teach you how to create the conditions to truly empower your students with the skills and understandings to take on a more active and authentic role in their learning.


I am incredibly proud of how this book helps teachers foster an inquiry mindset at a young age in their students to better prepare them for the world of tomorrow.”

”My favourite chapter is the preface where I share how my son Ewan has made me both a better teacher and person.
— TREVOR MACKENZIE - Co-Author, Victoria, CDA
I am so proud of the empowerment I witness when educators read and reflect on Inquiry Mindset. Their enthusiasm for rolling out Inquiry with their learners demonstrates that they are developing their own Inquiry Mindset.

My favourite chapter is Chapter 7 where we give loads of practical and impactful strategies of how to create the conditions for our learners to share their curiosities and ask questions.
— REBECCA BATHURST-HUNT - Co-Author, Victoria, CDA


Five Stars……”What job do you want?" "No, what change do you want to make in the world?" If this is your focus in education, Trevor and Rebecca have provided an inquiry handbook bursting with examples and thoughtful processes. Inquiry Mindset leaves behind the "do whatever you want" approach to inquiry and offers a concrete roadmap you can follow to success -- including stops along the way for wonderings! This book will help your classroom change to keep up with the world's demanding requirements of our students.

- MATT MILLER - Ditch That Textbook

Five Stars……Inquiry Mindset validates who I am as a teacher, and illustrates the way for me to become the teacher I really want to be. This book has it all...the what, why, and how to bring the inquiry model of teaching into your classroom. The authors invite you to examine your own practices, provide concrete solutions to elevate your craft, and even share practical ways to bring curiosity and wonder into your students' lives!

- LISA HIGHFILL - The HyperDoc Handbook

Five Stars……“What a gift Trevor Mackenzie and Rebecca Bathurst-Hunt bring with their new book, Inquiry Mindset! This comprehensive guide supports teachers at every level, from understanding the research and theoretical base for inquiry, to managing the smallest details, including classroom setup, developing “ungoogleable” research questions, and leading kids through a gradual-release model of authentic investigations. With students, the authors like to offer what they call provocations, meaning an experience designed to “stir thought, wonder, engagement, curiosity, and questions with our learners.” Read Inquiry Mindset, you will be delightfully provoked.”

- HARVEY SMOKEY DANIELS - The Curious Classroom