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The Google Infused Classroom

Looking for ways to use technology in the classroom to improve learning outcomes and make lessons come alive? 

This book is written for every teacher who wants to amplify teaching and learning in the classroom using powerful online tools that put learning first!

Transform Your Teaching - EdTech experts Holly Clark and Tanya Avrith provide a guidebook to help you use technology to engage your learners and amplify the learning experience in your classroom—with Google Apps and other online tools.

Empower Your Students - This book will teach you how to allow students to show their thinking, demonstrate their learning, and share their work with authentic audiences - to use technology in meaningful ways that prepare them for the future!

What the authors are saYing…

I am proud of the impact this book has on so many teachers looking to empower their Generation Z learners.”

”My favorite part of the book are the practical examples we have laid out in the ‘Demonstrations of Learning’ section. I love that these ideas are ones that teachers can use in their classrooms tomorrow.
— TANYA AVRITH - Co-Author, South Florida
I am really proud that this book helps refocus integration on pedagogy rather than on tools. The implementation successes in classrooms and districts is such a profound honor to witness and be a part of.

”My favorite chapter is the one where we talk about the two learning theories of Constructivism and Connectivisim.”
— HOLLY CLARK - Co-Author, San Diego, CA
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What’s in the book?

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The Reviews are IN…

Five Stars…....”This is THE book for teachers using tech right now. Read it if you’re past the “here’s how this tech works” phase and want to implement it effectively. Read it if you’re just starting with Google in the classroom and you want to do it right. Basically, read it! This book is the happy combination of sound pedagogy and powerful classroom tech that we need so much right now.”

-MATT MILLER - Ditch That Textbook

Five Stars..…”Tanya and Holly speak my language! The Google Infused Classroom is the perfect marriage of sound pedagogy and digital tools. This book is a must-have for any Google--using educator. Inside you will find practical ideas to perfectly infuse your class with quality strategies and the power of G Suite!"

-KASEY BELL - ShakeUpLearning.com

Five Stars….…”The Google Infused Classroom is a must-have resource for all classrooms ready to take digital learning to the next level. Holly and Tanya have created a unique book full of practical ideas and classroom examples that amplify student learning while beautifully combining good thinking with technology integration.”

-LISA HIGHFILL - Co-author The HyperDoc Handbook