Dive into Inquiry

Looking for ways to bring inquiry and personalized learning to your classroom, school, or district? This book focuses on bringing inquiry to the middle and high school years.

This book is written for educators who are seeking to bridge the gap between curriculum and student curiosities and wonders with an eye on empowering learners to take on agency over learning.

Transform Your Teaching - Inquiry expert Trevor MacKenzie shares the structures and frameworks he utilizes in his classroom each and every day. From questions to scaffolding structures to provocations, this book has it all!

Empower Your Students - This book will teach you how to align learning objectives and standards with student voice, choice, and agency to increase engagement and achievement.


I am most proud of the response this book has received from educators around the world as they utilize the steps I propose to bring inquiry to their classrooms.

My favourite part of the book are the excerpts from students I have worked with over the course of my career. They have helped shape my understanding of personalized learning and I cannot thank them enough!
— TREVOR MACKENZIE - Author, Victoria, CDA


Five Stars……”Without action, the goals of ‘genuine student inquiry’ and ‘personalized learning’ will remain aspirational. Trevor MacKenzie’s book offers practical and proven advice for bringing these ideas to life in a classroom. Your students will thank you for following his advice.”

- JAY McTIGHE - Understanding by Design Series

Five Stars……”This is a book brimming with energy and idealism, full of insights and practical wisdom from Trevor MacKenzie, a teacher who takes student agency seriously. He provides thought-provoking examples of teacher generated questions and the rich discussions that ensued. He is also keenly aware of the importance of moving beyond teacher questions to a higher level of inquiry in the classroom where students are formulating their own questions. Inquiry, MacKenzie demonstrates, needs to be fostered if students are to regain their natural curiosity.”

- DAN ROTHSTEIN - Make Just One Change

Five Stars……”Dive into Inquiry has quickly become my favorite how-to book on inquiry-based learning. Filled with practical examples and solid structures that I know I can implement immediately, it has left me convinced that I really can create the kind of learning space that my students deserve. It is an approachable read that will change both your thinking and your practice for the better.”

- BILL FERRITER - Different Schools for a Different World