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Inquiry mindsets

Trevor is a globally recognized inquiry voice. His sessions are highly informative and engaging with a focus on deepening understanding and taking action to return to the classroom ready to put inquiry into practice. Witness Trevor facilitate inquiry and model the language, actions, and mindset of the inquiry teacher.

Bring Trevor to your school, district, organization or event to inspire and support educators. Whether a keynote address, day long workshop, or an expert-in-residence partnership, you can collaboratively design Trevor’s support.

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Infused Classrooms

Bring Holly to your school, district or organization for a “Day of Infused Learning” customized to meet the needs of your teachers, school or district. By focusing on how strong pedagogy infused with technology can empower classrooms, these sessions help teachers understand the best ways to bring technology to their classrooms. NEW custom strands designed to meet the needs of IB schools.

Book Holly for a keynote, workshop, long term coaching or event and watch as learning is amplified in ways you never thought possible.

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The Power of Sketchnotes

Sylvia will help your teachers and students tap into their creativity to experience the benefits of sketchnoting or visual note-taking.

This fun and engaging session will guide participants through step-by-step strategies to develop a doodling mentality and a sketchnoting skillset. All participants will. be encouraged to leave their “But I’m not an artist” mentality at the door and to come prepared to draw!

Sylvia is available for keynotes, events and school visits.

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Inquiry Mindsets

Rebecca is passionate about supporting educators in feeling confident and inspired to work in Inquiry. She delivers highly relevant and applicable sessions that leave educators ready to support their learners in developing an Inquiry Mindset. 

Prepare for clear and actionable ways to create a meaningful inquiry process. Whether it’s a session at your event, a day long workshop, or an ongoing partnership, Rebecca will co-design a professional learning experience to support your needs.

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Inject creativity

Dr. Monica Burns is a Curriculum and EdTech Consultant, Apple Distinguished Educator and Founder of ClassTechTips.com. She is a leading voice in empowering teaching and learning through educational technology. Her vast expertise, professional body of work, and caring and personable presence result in powerful support for teachers and students. Monica visits schools across the country to work with teachers to make tech integration exciting and accessible.

Monica is available for keynotes, events, webinars, and school visits.

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Infused Classrooms

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